DURATEX is a premium, integrally colored acrylic based textured finish coating to be used over a myriad of base coats including Ultrakote’s One Coat and Pre Mix stucco products, (refer to the One Coat Specification for more information). Duratex is a ready mixed aggregated finish material available in multiple color and textures. All Ultrakote´s finishes contain additives to resist mildew, algae and fungus.

Duratex may be used either on the interior or the exterior, over cementitious or non-cementitious base coats, prepared concrete or masonry, prepared drywall, prepared painted surfaces or EIFS synthetic stucco systems.

  • Color: All Ultrakote standard colors and custom colors on written request
  • Packaging: 5 gallon plastic pail 65 lbs. (29.4kg)